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Callisto Consulting provides organizational development, labor relations, safety, security, emergency management and risk management related services to business, not-for-profit, higher education, criminal justice and governmental agencies, specializing in advisory services related to corrections and law enforcement.  Callisto Consulting has access to associates in related disciplines to assist with larger scale projects. 


Criminal Justice Services
⦁    Assessments and assistance with risk management planning and improvements
⦁    Expert witness services
⦁    Facility planning and programing
⦁    Incident investigation and review
⦁    Management, operations, facilities and program assessments.
⦁    Training - line level, supervisor, command and executive level

Labor Relations Services
⦁    Interest based negotiations and conflict resolution services

Organizational Development Services
⦁    Executive coaching, leadership, management, and supervisory training
⦁    Risk, safety and security assessments and planning
⦁    Emergency management planning, training and exercises and strategic planning

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